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Aurora Anguilla Private Charter Service

We are thrilled to introduce the Aurora Anguilla Private Charter Service, an exclusive way to pursue paradise with ease and enhance the travel experience for our guests. With hot meals, white glove service, and overly spacious leg room, you can relax and enjoy yourself on your personalized journey to Anguilla.

Private charters departing on Sundays and Thursdays starting December 22

Ways to Reserve Aurora Anguilla's Private Charter Service

  1. Reserve Our “Fly Direct Charter Package” by visiting the link below

    Created for your convenience, our Fly Direct Package includes your private charter and luxurious Aurora Anguilla accommodations.

  2. Add Your Flight to an Existing Room Reservation
    Please email our Fly Direct reservations team at [email protected] to add your Aurora Anguilla private charter flight to your existing reservations.

Fly Direct New York

*Charter Flights are only available to members and guests of Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club.

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