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The Farm

Science Meets Sustainability

We approach food with a simple culinary philosophy: every dish is an opportunity to showcase the flavor a single well-grown ingredient can bring to the plate. We’re able to grow the freshest produce possible thanks to our two greenhouses with 10,000 square feet of space, 96 tables of shallow ebb and flow hydroponics capable of growing 50 varieties of vegetables, and an orchard with over 20 kinds of fruit-bearing trees. Our dedicated greenhouse team, a dual engineering and landscaping effort, works directly with our culinary teams to manage our sophisticated operations.

Where the Earth Comes First

Our commitment to sustainable farming informs everything we do from what we grow to when we harvest. We focus on specialty produce so we can offer the hard-to-source varieties that typically travel great distances before making it onto the plate to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising our culinary range. Every dish carries with it a rich history of thoughtful decisions, purposeful agricultural methods, and our creativity to bring it all to life.

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