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Aurora International Golf Course

The island’s only golf experience, Aurora International Golf Club Anguilla® is an extraordinary adventure from sunrise to sunset. The thoughtfully designed 18-Hole Course delights golfers with challenging, dramatic holes set against breathtaking scenery. Players are greeted by a spectacular view of Saint Martin and the Caribbean Sea at the tee box of the 384-yard starting hole. The unforgettable experience continues with holes 2 and 10 sharing a 16,000-square-foot green that runs along Rendezvous Beach and the Anguilla Channel. One of the most challenging finishing holes in the Caribbean, the 18th hole starts with a demanding tee shot over the salt pond, then continues to ascend forty feet up to a narrow green guarded by three large bunkers.

KEY ATTRIBUTES |  7,165 yards | Par 72
Course rating: 75.6 (from the back tees) | Slope rating: 134 (from the back tees)


HOLE 1 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 388 – 367 – 349 – 321 – 297

This par 4 offers a generous fairway, well suited to accommodate any first-tee jitters. The degree of difficulty increases, however, as you approach the green. A wastebunker is strategically positioned to protect the right side, from the furthest reaches of the landing area all the way to the putting surface.


HOLE 2 | PAR 3

YARDAGE 194 – 175 – 162 – 140 – 117

This par 3 shares an elongated double green with the par-5 10th hole. To reach this spacious but tantalizing green, it is necessary to hit over a saltwater lagoon. With the prevailing easterly winds, a collection of bunkers closely guard the only safe passage.


HOLE 3 | PAR 5

YARDAGE 525 – 511 – 471 – 461 – 385

At 525 yards, this uphill par 5 provides definite birdie opportunities. The only obstacles you have to negotiate are two fairway bunkers that hug the left side and a couple right, greenside bunkers.


HOLE 4 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 438 – 401 – 381 – 350 – 278

This dogleg right, which measures 438 yards, is the longest par 4 on the course. The green is shielded by a wastebunker on the right and native vegetation to the left. A well-executed blend of distance and accuracy is required.


HOLE 5 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 440 – 416 – 373 – 340 – 251

A looming wastebunker lines the right side of the fairway on this 440-yard par 4. A strong tee shot will carry the wastebunker and bound down the right side of the fairway. This will give you the best angle into the green. However, be cautious of the deep bunker that guards the whole left front side of this elevated green.


HOLE 6 | PAR 5

YARDAGE 603 – 587 – 553 – 533 – 380

The longest par 5, just over 600 yards, plays downhill and most often into the wind. Be aware of two deep bunkers that line the front of the green.


HOLE 7 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 327 – 315 – 281 – 256 – 232

The prudent play is to position a long iron or a fairway wood to the tight fairway and execute the remaining short shot to the green. Either way, be sure to avoid the very deep bunker that protects the front center of the green.


HOLE 8 | PAR 3

YARDAGE 210 – 196 – 170 – 134 – 122

This distinctive par 3 is aesthetically pleasing yet hazardous with a large lake that covers nearly all 210 yards of this hole. The large green sits low on the water. Despite its length, the premium here is very much on placement.


HOLE 9 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 402 – 372 – 355 – 325 – 304

You should favor the right side of the fairway to open up a better approach angle to the green. Be wary of three bunkers strategically positioned to the left of the green. Standing on the green, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the clubhouse and vistas of the Caribbean Sea.


HOLE 10 | PAR 5

YARDAGE 590 – 548 – 530 – 503 – 382

With a natural stream bordering nearly the entire left side of the hole and a lagoon crossing the fairway in front of the approach, accurate execution is a necessity. This hole plays into the prevailing wind, giving you one more obstacle to overcome. The undulating double green is carved into a seaside dune.


HOLE 11 | PAR 3

YARDAGE 225 – 210 – 188 – 173 – 131

With the wind at your back, the longest par 3 does not play to its full yardage, but a potpourri of bunkers adds to its visual intimidation. A saltwater lagoon runs down the left side of the hole and leads to a deep, undulating green.


HOLE 12 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 403 – 370 – 347 – 304 – 240

This par 4 plays across a pristine wetland area, and you need to pay particular attention to the wastebunker on the inside of the fairway and the numerous bunkers guarding the elevated green. There are three distinct levels to the green, which means a multitude of pin placements and thus a variety of yardages.


HOLE 13 | PAR 5

YARDAGE 548 – 541 – 515 – 474 – 451

Natural features frame and define this medium- length par 5. A rock outcropping crosses the fairway and separates the elevated approach and green. A bunker, perched precariously front and center, separates the right and left pin placement. The green is undulating and shallow, so choose your approach carefully.


HOLE 14 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 416 – 394 – 362 – 350 – 315

‘Second Thoughts’ is a Par 4 dogleg left that requires a decisive shot off the tee.


HOLE 15 | PAR 3

YARDAGE 170 – 155 – 146 – 130 – 115

This intimidating, short par 3 plays along the saltwater lagoon that borders the left side of the hole. Be careful with club selection, and be forewarned that missing the green to the left will result in a dropped shot. The putting surface is protected by the lagoon and a series of hazardous bunkers.


HOLE 16 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 423 – 400 – 349 – 333 – 308

Playing straight into the trade winds, the perilous tee shot on this medium length par 4 is framed by mounding and bunkers on the left and the Merrywing Salt Pond on the right. The approach and undulating green, protected by a series of bunkers, offer sweeping views of Rendezvous Beach.


HOLE 17 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 401 – 380 – 350 – 336 – 302

Playing at 600 yards from the tips, the towering Par 5, ‘Longview’ lives up to its name.


HOLE 18 | PAR 4

YARDAGE 462 – 430 – 401 – 344 – 310

The drive for this dramatic finishing hole flirts with the edge of a mangrove thicket in a vast stretch of the saltwater marsh that winds through 8 of the 18 holes. A well-placed shot will land in the right, center of this narrow green that is well protected by bunkers on the left.