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Nestled on Anguilla’s pristine shores, Aurora epitomizes luxury entwined with unwavering sustainability.

From the moment you arrive, you are immersed in a realm where relaxation and sustainability blend effortlessly. Each accommodation is meticulously designed to minimize environmental impact while maintaining comfort and style. Aurora prioritizes energy-efficient amenities, reflecting a deep commitment to preserving the surrounding natural beauty.

Sustainability isn’t just a feature—it’s ingrained in Aurora’s ethos. Innovative practices, from water conservation to supporting local communities, underscore its dedication. Whether sourcing from our farm or collaborating with conservation groups, Aurora strives to reduce its ecological footprint while leaving a positive mark on Anguilla and beyond.


Energy Efficient Lighting

All light bulbs used throughout Aurora Anguilla® are energy efficient.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

We transport our guests around the resort in style while prioritizing environmental considerations. Our staff navigates the resort using golf carts, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, we offer bicycles for guests to use, further minimizing our carbon footprint as they explore the various sides of the resort and the island.

Solar Farm

Nestled within our resort's grounds lies a remarkable feature: a solar farm harnessing the power of the Caribbean sun. This innovative initiative reflects our commitment to sustainable practices. The solar farm not only reduces our carbon footprint but also contributes to Aurora’s renewable energy goals.

Our existing solar field currently has a capacity of one megawatt per hour (1 MW/h). There are plans underway to expand the plant to a total capacity of 7 MW/h, aiming to significantly reduce or completely eliminate our reliance on utility power and transition to generating 100% of our energy from renewable sources.

Water Desalination

We engage in desalinating deep groundwater, as Anguilla relies solely on rain for its freshwater supply. Rainfall replenishes the freshwater lens, the upper layer of the water table, by seeping into the ground. However, our water demands pose a risk of depleting this lens, potentially leading to groundwater or saltwater intrusion, contaminating nearby freshwater wells. To prevent this, we implement seawater intake systems, drawing water directly from the ocean to produce freshwater through our desalination plants. Guests can find glass water bottles filled with water sourced directly from our desalination plants in their rooms and conveniently placed around the resort.

Caribbean's Leading Hydroponic Farm

Aurora Anguilla’s self-sustaining hydroponic farm is the backbone of the resort’s exquisite dining experience. Every morning, our chefs are inspired by the farm’s daily harvest of pristine vegetables, fruit, and herbs, which are incorporated into the food and cocktail menus around the resort. With each flavorful bite, it’s clear that ingredients are grown on the property. In fact, nearly 90% are cultivated on our 10,000 sq ft of farmland.

Flora & Fauna Resort Tour

Nature lovers unite on our Flora and Fauna Tour. Guests can recharge their minds and awaken their senses on this immersive tour, where you’ll discover Aurora’s vibrant plants and fruit trees. Marvel at the stunning natural beauty, and even try crafting their garden-fresh flower bouquet.